Best Short Argumentative Text Examples and Structure

Short argumentative text is all the writing that is done to express an opinion on a particular subject. This is something that is achieved through the use of various arguments. It can be said that an short argumentative text is an opinion text. However, it must be specified that these are characterized by the fact that they have the goal of convincing the reader questionable. Therefore, the use of arguments is used to validate the opinion expressed. Now let me show to you 10 short argumentative text example to you.

Short Argumentative Text Example

That is why these texts are so used task in schools. Well, for teachers it is a good evaluation strategy to know the student’s position on the subject of study. But beyond that, it is a text that is also used in professional fields. Especially in journalism, science, and even advertising. It’s incredible how many argumentative texts you are confronted with every day.

You should be Know 101 Topics For Argumentative Speech Ideas

Some Short argumentative text example resources are:

  • Verbatim quotations
  • Arguments of authority
  • Paraphrasing and rephrasing
  • Descriptions
  • Examples
  • Abstractions and generalizations
  • Visual bulleted lists and schematics
  • An argumentative text consists of at least two basic phases:

First work. This is the starting point you want to demonstrate using arguments. Conclusion. Synthesis to which the arguments lead and which summarizes the point of view displayed throughout the text.

Here is some Short argumentative texts Example:

Academic articles.

They usually focus on very specific areas of knowledge and are published in professional journals. They use technical language with citations, references, statistical data and even graphic support (tables, graphs). They are the means of validating and legitimizing knowledge of the scientific, humanistic and educational professions. For example:
“The recent worldwide interest in the cultivation of microalgae for energy purposes, combined with the need for more environmentally friendly wastewater treatment technologies, has since made wastewater treatment processes with microalgae a promising alternative economic and environmental point of view compared to their aerobic and anaerobic counterparts. The oxygen photosynthetically produced by the microalgae is used for the oxidation of the organic material and NH4+ (with the resulting savings in aeration costs), while the growth autotrophic and heterotrophic algal and bacterial biomass lead to higher recovery rates of nutrients.

Artistic criticism.

Contrary to popular belief, the professional approach to artistic texts is by no means simply a matter of opinion or taste. For example, critics use their knowledge, sensitivity, and reasoning skills to support an interpretive hypothesis around the artistic event. For example:
In “On The Unbearable Lightness of Being by Milan Kundera, Antonio Méndez says (excerpt):

With a critique of Soviet communism, the book, although it may seem different according to the above, stands out for its humor, with irony, blackness, and cynicism to put us in an exciting multi emotional story, essentially a novel of ideas It is composed of multiple and complex textures, mixing eroticism, search and love conquest and political commentary with a philosophical but transparent and direct style.

Essay Writings.

Literary essays are subjective approaches to a particular reality based on the sensibilities (political, social, aesthetic, philosophical, or any kind) of the author. You can freely argue about anything and discuss a topic. For example:
“From Essays of Michel de Montaigne (excerpt):

Of Cruelty. I understand that virtue is something different and elevated The souls that are ordered for themselves and have a good character always follow the same path, and their actions represent a similar aspect to those that are virtuous. but the name of virtue sounds to human ears like something greater and more alive than being carried away by reason thanks to a blissful, smooth and peaceful complexion.

Political Speeches.

Although they use arguments related to the emotional and can even manipulate the truth, political discourse is usually based on the masses’ beliefs or a point of view regarding the economic, social, or political situation of the country. For example:
“Adolf Hitler -” We will defeat the enemies of Germany “, April 10, 1923
My dear compatriots, German men, and women!

In the Bible, it is written: “What is neither hot nor cold, I want to spit out of my mouth.” This sentence of the great Nazarene has retained its profound validity to this day. Whoever wants to tread the golden middle path must renounce the achievement of great and maximum goals. Mean and lukewarm have also remained Germany’s curse to this day.

Political pamphlets.

Like political rallies, they tend to aim at mobilizing arguments of popular discontent in favor of a particular political agenda, often revolutionary or protesting. To do so, they are based on slogans, arguments, and grievances, although they usually do not have much space to develop them in depth. For example:
Anarchist brochure (fragment):

Only with the self-organization of education can we build a libertarian, secular, non-sexist, non-racist pedagogy. Where knowledge is built in a mutual learning relationship that includes our cultural diversity, where our personality develops and we are not flattened in a factory of homogeneous students. Towards the self-management of education!


Although their arguments are usually deceptive or merely emotional and manipulative, advertising copy is argumentative in that it attempts to persuade and stimulate consumption of a particular product over its competitors. For example: Powerful Starcuts Fat Burners: buy them now!

STAR NUTRITION STARTS The Ultimate Ripped is an ephedrine-free energy source that helps regulate basal metabolic rate. Contains natural herbal extracts, caffeine, vitamins, and minerals, Everything you need to strengthen your muscles, and more!

Legal arguments.

During a trial, attorneys often have the final opportunity to make a motion, i.e., a summary of the trial and a timely interpretation of the evidence to convince the jury of their case. For example:
“Judge, I agree with the prosecutor that the crime of rape is a reprehensible act, a clear stigma of deterioration of the civic spirit of an absent society. However, this is not the case. As we indicated at the beginning of this debate, those of January 8, two thousand sixteen do not constitute a crime because they are atypical behavior, since Ms. X and my client agreed to have sexual relations without any convey kind of violence, on the contrary, they were consensual relations.

Gastronomic recommendations.

Although taste is completely subjective, there is gastronomic journalism dedicated to evaluating, promoting, or rejecting restaurants based on their experience and knowledge. To do this, they argue and justify and try to convince the reader. For example:
“Our gastronomic recommendation for today is called RANDOM MADRID and is located in Calle Caracas, 21, from the owners of two great references, El Columpio and Le Cocó, this summer we can enjoy one of the hottest places in Madrid and its surroundings exquisite international market cuisine. A fusion of our traditional Spanish cuisine with French, Italian, Peruvian, Japanese, or Scandinavian haute cuisine. The best of each house for the enjoyment of our palates.

Ecological Campaigns.

These texts are intended to warn about environmental damage and advocate for an ecological culture that requires the use of data and persuasive arguments. For example: For a better environment everything in its container.

Did you know that in our country the presence of solid waste has steadily increased and is among the countries that generate the most waste per capita, with 62% of domestic origin and 38% of industrial origin (BIOMA, 1991)? It is estimated that on average each person produces 1 kg of garbage per day. If the waste from stores, hospitals, and services is added, the amount increases by 25-50% and reaches up to 1.5 kg per person/day (ADAN, 1999). We have to do something about it!

Reader’s letters.

Newspapers have segments where readers can freely express their opinions on various topics and argue them the way they prefer. For example:
Diary The Nation, Letter of the Reader of Saturday, September 10, 2016 (excerpt): Imports

For more than sixty years we have suffered from projects and ideas with magic solutions of Peronism in one of its different versions. I don’t think it is necessary to remember that most of them have led to costly mistakes after so long, like the Rent Law in its infancy. Now we have the bill to restrict imports for 120 days. Apart from the fact that this is absurd, it must be remembered that the application of this type of measure paves the way to corruption by creating exceptions that allow facilities to be “distributed” in exchange for paying a toll. There is no way to cause difficulties in the sale of facilities.

Argumentative Text Examples and Structure
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