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This is an AP Lang argumentative essay example on the subject of the Internet and how it affects society. The article has an introduction to the claim, followed by three paragraphs providing evidence and examples. This is an AP Lang argument essay example that you can use as a reference. It contains the same structure as a full thesis you have to write. The only difference is that it is an example of a shorter argumentative essay. How to write a good AP Language argumentative essay is not only important in academia but also a common concern of students. Knowing how to write an AP Lang argumentative essay is important because it is a very common task for high school and college students. Writing an argumentative essay is one of the best examples of how a person can develop their critical thinking and use evidence and examples to persuade readers. The following sample argumentative essay was prepared based on prompts from Ap Lang High School’s Argument Essay Unit 101.

Best Ap Lang Argument Essay Example

Ap Lang Argument Essay Example is designed to familiarize students with the different types of essays required for this unit. It also teaches students how to use evidence to support their claims. This unit focuses on using evidence to persuade readers. It also shows how to use evidence to make your point more convincing. The full essay you must write in this unit contains more detailed information about each step, including an introduction, body, and conclusion. Ap Lang Argument Essay Example focuses on the same three sections. It also includes an example of an argumentative essay for your reference.

The introduction to this Ap Lang Argument Essay Example begins by illustrating the claim and its importance. Claims are the subject of a dissertation. The paragraph then provides three pieces of evidence to support this claim. Each proof is a separate paragraph.

How to Write an Effective Ap Lang Argument Essay Example?

The writer should choose his or her position. The writer must make a claim that will be backed by evidence. The writer must present evidence to prove his or her claim. The writer also needs to make sure that the evidence he or she presents is relevant to the claim he or she is making. This means that the writer must make sure that he or she presents relevant evidence to back up the claim that he or she is making. The writer must make sure that his or her arguments are well-organized. This means that the writer should use transition words to move from one point to the next in the essay. The writer also needs to use strong evidence to support his or her claim. This means that the writer should use facts, statistics, and expert opinion.

Here is some Ap Lang Argument Essay Example:

  • Competition is “overrated.” The idea of motivation among peers has become a source of unnecessary stress and even a lack of morale. Whether in an academic setting or an industry, this new idea of competition is harmful to competitors and those around them.
  • In the past, in elementary school, the competition was more friendly. It could be about who could do the most push-ups or who could score the most imaginary points in a classroom for a prize. If you didn’t manage to do the most push-ups or win the stinkin’ sticker, you went home and improved – you didn’t harbor strong feelings toward anyone, you just focused on becoming a better version of yourself. Then, when high school was over, suddenly applying to college didn’t seem so far away – grade point average seemed to be the only value that defined you – extracurricular activities seemed to shape you – test scores seemed to categorize you. Sleepless nights studying for the next day’s test seemed to become more common. Flying duck syndrome seems to surround you (FDS means a high-achieving student pretends not to work hard, but studies diligently under the surface, like a duck pedal to stay afloat). All of your competitors seem to be hoping that you will fail – but what do you and your competitors get out of it in the end? Getting an extra point on the exam? Does this self-satisfaction compensate for the tremendous stress you have caused yourself? This new type of “competition” is overrated – it only serves to create a never-ending source of anxiety and aims to weaken friendships and solidarity in the school as a whole.
  • A similar idea of “competition” can be applied to business. At the most basic level, competition serves to regulate prices and business models for both businesses themselves and consumers. However, with increasing greed and desperation, companies have resorted to unethical tactics that only hurt their reputations and consumers as a whole. Whether it’s McDonald’s coupons forcing you to buy more food or technology companies like Apple intentionally slowing down your iPhone after three years to force you to upgrade to the latest device, consumers are suffering and railing against these companies. Much like the more evolved form of competition in school, this overvalued form causes pain for all involved and has now moved away from the encouraging nature with which the principle of competition was “founded.”

The Ap Lang Argument Essay in this essay are problematic because they do not provide enough examples of exactly how competition is overvalued. The essay discusses the context in which competition is overvalued, but does not go far enough to explain how this relates to the task at hand. In the first example, school stress is used to explain how competition manifests. This is a good starting point, but it does not say why competition is overrated, only that competition can be unhealthy. The last sentence of this paragraph is the main point of the argument and should be expanded to discuss how school anxiety is overrated later in life.

In the second example, the author addresses the fact that competition can lead to harmful business practices but again does not explain why this is overrated. Is competition overrated because Apple and McDonald’s force you to buy new products? This example could have been taken one step further. Instead of explaining why corporate structures like monopolies harm competition, the author should discuss why these structures are overvalued.