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An opinion paragraph examples is a belief or judgment about something that is not necessarily based on facts. People have many different opinions, and in many cases people can have different opinions on the same subject. Selecting an opinion paragraph can be difficult if the student does not think about relevant topics for an opinion essay that correspond to an event or issue so that they are likely to make a good argument. When a college professor requires such an essay, it means that a formal written paper on a specific topic or event is required. It must reflect an opinion, a personal view on a particular subject.

Opinion Paragraph Examples

However, since you want to maintain the academic style of an opinion article, it is necessary to mention a contrary opinion just before the concluding paragraph. But how to choose a successful opinion essay topic to get a good grade? Just like creating the essay title, you need a strong, arguable topic. Choosing a good topic for an opinion essay should be based on personal skills, experience, reliable sources, analysis, and solid research that shows the reasons for a particular point of view.

Good Opinion Topics are related to students’ home subjects and strongest abilities. Below are Opinion Paragraph Examples ideas for the most common disciplines to choose from. Great idea for homework to ask a question, be controversial, and express an opinion.

Opinion Paragraph Examples

Opinion Paragraph Examples in Video Games and Violence

According to my research, violent video games are harmful to young people. First, playing these games leads to behavioral changes in young people. According to research by psychologists, people who regularly play games have poorer academic performance.

The next reason is that violent video games make young people less sensitive to real-world violence. Games are toxic for children because they like to shoot and kill, and the line between gaming violence and real violence becomes very thin or disappears entirely.

The last reason is that violent video games teach players to use violence to solve problems. Classmates usually make fun of each other, but don’t make you angry and do something you’ll regret later.

In short, I think violent video games are harmful to young people and should be controlled — or better yet, banned.

That’s our explanation of opinion paragraphs, how to write them, and examples of opinion paragraphs. We hope this is helpful for your knowledge and education.

Opinion Paragraph Examples in politics

One area where there is a lot of disagreement is politics. For example:

  • Some people believe that life begins at birth and that abortion should be illegal or allowed only in rare cases, such as when the mother’s life is in danger. Others believe that abortion is a matter of a woman’s health and that women should have the freedom to decide for themselves whether or not to abort a child.
  • Some people believe that marriage should be for everyone, including homosexual couples, and that it is discriminatory not to allow homosexual couples. Others believe that marriage is a long-standing and traditional institution between a man and a woman and that civil unions or other non-marriage solutions should apply to homosexuals.
  • Some believe that low taxes are the best tool for job growth and that people should be able to keep more of their own money. Others believe higher taxes are better to fund more government services.
  • Some people believe that government can best solve many problems and that we should therefore have a bigger government. Others believe that government is often ineffective and wasteful and that the private sector is better able to find solutions. These people believe that the state should be smaller.
  • Some people believe that overregulation hinders progress and the economy, and that government should get out of the way. Others believe that government regulation is necessary to protect consumers and create a level playing field.
  • Some people believe in equality of opportunity, which means that everyone has the same chance but does not necessarily achieve the same result. Others believe in equality of outcome, which usually means that they believe everyone should do the work they can do based on their abilities and be provided with the things they need based on that work.
  • Some people believe that government programs such as welfare encourage dependency and destroy the incentive to work. Others believe that government welfare programs are always a good thing to help those who are having a hard time.

The differing political opinions create great controversy in the United States and lead to a polarized government. Since each side has only its own opinion – or its own views of what is right and wrong – there is no way to prove conclusively that either side is right or wrong.