How To Write The Perfect Essay with Easily

What is an essay?

An essay is a text on a certain topic, which is usually given to you by your teacher. All example on how to write an essay consist of an introduction, body, and conclusion. How exactly the essay is structured and what style of writing you should use always depends on the type of essay. The English word “essay” means nothing else than “essay”. In German, it usually refers to a specific type of essay, which has many similarities with the Erörterung. In an example on how to write an essay, however, you have more freedom: For example, you can use stylistic devices in your argumentation, because the focus here is more on your own opinion.

Example On How To Write An Essay

Example On How To Write An Essay writing – preparation

To write a good essay, it is very important to prepare well for it:

  • Assignment: read carefully what is required of you. Find out what kind of essay you are supposed to write.
  • Materials: Most of the time, you will be given additional materials along with your assignment. This can be a poem, a newspaper article, or an excerpt from a longer text. You should read the materials carefully several times.
  • Marking: Then you mark important parts of the text and conspicuous features in color.
  • Collecting: You can take notes while reading. Afterward, collect ideas about the topic again.
  • Organize: To get an overview of your notes, you should organize them afterward. For example, you can create a list or a mind map.
  • Outline: Think about what you want to write in which part of your essay.
  • Tip: Take your time when preparing your essay. If you work thoroughly, the subsequent writing will go much faster.

Example On How To Write An Essay writing – structure

Here we show you a general structure that you can use for all types of example on how to write an essay. However, the details depend on the essay type and the assignment.

  • Essay structure, essay outline, outline essay, essay parts
  • The structure of an essay
  • Writing an essay – introduction

When you write an introduction, you want to introduce your reader to the topic. You want him to know what type of essay it is. If you have a text as a basis, you provide all the important information about it:

  • Author: Who wrote the text?
  • Title: What is the name of the text?
  • Date and/or year of publication: When was the text published?
  • Place of publication: Where was the text published?
  • Content: What is the text about?
  • Be brief! The introduction should be only about 5-10 percent of your essay. That is, if your essay is five pages long, it would be half a page at most.

Essay writing – The main part

The most important part of your essay is the body. The exact content depends on the essay form. In any case, you will deal intensively with your topic or question.

  • Logic: You should put your thoughts in a logical order. For example, you can proceed chronologically – that is, you put them in chronological order. Alternatively, you can arrange the points thematically.
  • Transitions: Make sure that you establish a connection between the different points.
  • Red thread: Never lose sight of the big picture. Use your outline and notes as a guide when writing.
    The body is the longest part of your essay. It should make up 80-90 percent of your entire essay.

Essay writing – Conclusion

The conclusion is about briefly summarizing the results of the main part and drawing a conclusion from it. Depending on the type of essay, you may sometimes express your own opinion on the topic. However, you should not introduce any more new results but round off your essay well.

Like the introduction, the conclusion comprises only a small part of your essay. It should not exceed 10 percent of the total length.

Essay writing – Revision

When you are done writing your essay, take some time to read through it again. You can use the following points to help you revise your essay:

  • Errors: pay attention to spelling and grammar mistakes.
  • Repetitions: Do not use the same words over and over. Do not start successive sentences with the same phrase, but write in a varied way.
  • Sentence length: Your sentences should not be too long. You will easily miss some mistakes in nested sentences. They are also difficult to read.

Tip: When you write your essay at home, read it aloud to yourself at the end. When you read it out loud, you will quickly notice if something sounds funny.

The most common types of essays in school
When you write an essay, you should know what type of essay it is. That’s why we’ve put together an overview for you here, where you can find the most common types of school essays from 5th grade onwards.

In a summary, you summarize the main content of a text. Books, book chapters, newspaper articles, or other types of texts are suitable for a summary. The goal is for your reader to know about all the important characters and events, even if they don’t know the text.

In a report, you present an event or action objectively. Objective means that you do not express your own opinion in the report. With a report, you want to inform the reader exactly about the subject by describing the events concisely. An example of this is an accident report.

In a discussion, you deal with a text or a topic objectively. You have to answer a given question with arguments. Usually, there is a pro and a con side: one side is for something, the other against. Your arguments always have the same structure: First, you make a claim, then you justify it and round it off with an example.

How exactly the argument is structured depends on the type of argument.

In a characterization, you describe a character from a text. You describe the character’s appearance, inner life, and history. You also describe their current situation, their behavior, and their relationships with other people. For the characterization, you may only use information that you have found in the text.

In an interpretation, you try to understand the meaning and effect of a text. This can be a poem, a short story, a drama, or a book (chapter). First, you try to describe and interpret all the important parts of a text. In addition to the content, you will also pay attention to the linguistic style and other features of the text.

Just have a look at our article on poem interpretation! In it, we explain how to interpret a poem correctly.

Essay writing tips
With these tips, you are sure to succeed in your next example on how to write an essay:

  • Time management: Before writing, think about how much time you will need for each step. Allow enough time for preparation and revision. Take breaks, if possible, to stay focused.
  • Practice: Follow the steps in all your homework and exercises. Then you’ll know exactly how to proceed on the next exam.
  • Reading: Pay attention to how other people write their texts, for example in the newspaper or books. You can learn a lot from this.

By the way, a certain form of essay is descriptions. For example, you can describe a person or a process in more detail. Sometimes you have to describe a way. The best way to do this is to watch this video directly.

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