Free Essay On Deteriorating Law And Order Situation In The City

Example 1: The Essay On Deteriorating Law and Order Situation Professionally

Write a letter to the editor of a newspaper expressing your views on the deteriorating law and order situation in your city.

Denta Street

March 10, 2022

Red Carpet

Subject: The Current Deteriorating Law and Order Situation

Dear Editor.

Through your esteemed newspaper column, I would like to draw the attention of the relevant authorities responsible for maintaining law and order to the rapidly deteriorating law and order situation in this city.

The residents of this city are going through a phase of panic due to the rapid deterioration of law and order. Newspapers and television channels are repeatedly reporting stories of crimes like rape, arson, kidnapping, robbery, and theft.

Our city is world-famous as a tourist destination and as a business center. Every month business fairs take place in our city. Due to the deterioration of the law and order situation, tourist arrivals have stopped and business exhibitors have also withdrawn their participation.

A few days ago it was reported that a bomb was detected in front of a school. Thanks to the vigilance of a school student, the bomb was detected and later deactivated by the bomb disposal team.

If such a situation continues, then what will be the fate of the population, no one knows. In this context, the authorities concerned will have to deploy paramilitary forces to address the deteriorating law and order situation.

It is a matter of concern that the intelligence agencies failed to provide adequate and timely leads on the various incidents that took place recently creating panic among the people.

The influx of a large number of people from nearby areas has contributed to this situation as the nearby areas are economically backward. Economic backwardness and unemployment among the youth push them to take to criminal avenues such as theft and robbery as an easy way to earn money.

While urgently addressing this situation, the government should take steps in allocating adequate funds for the development of the areas adjoining the city. This will bring a permanent solution to this problem.

Thank you


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Example 2: The Essay On Deteriorating Law & Order Situation in the City

You are Mikie, living in 1545, Canada. Write a letter to the Director of Police, drawing his attention to the deteriorating law and order situation in the city.


January 5, 2022

Director of Police

Sub: Deteriorating the law and order situation in the city.


I would like to bring your attention to the deteriorating law and order situation in the city. Many incidents of daylight theft and murder have been reported in the past few days. It seems that no one is safe. Antisocial elements are also being reported. Criminals are taking advantage of these antisocial incidents. Terrorists are also roaming around in broad daylight. There have been cases of chain snatching and even kidnapping. So far, none of these criminals have been arrested. There seems to be no law and order to control these kinds of incidents. So I request you to look into this matter and take necessary action immediately.

Thank you.


Law and order are two concepts that define a city. In an orderly city, citizens can expect to live in peace and security. However, the disorder can take root in a city if officials neglect to maintain order. Each of the four New Testament books contains a section on law and order. Jesus Christ admonishes his followers to seek justice and to deliver righteous judgment.

He commands them to love their neighbors as themselves and to ensure that nobody falls into sin. When cities fail to uphold laws and regulations, they become havens for crime. In this article, we’ll discuss why law and order are essential in a city, what can happen when authorities fail to enforce the law, and how citizens can help restore peace and security.

In the old song ‘Ain’t Got No Life To Live,’ there’s a line that says ‘Ain’t got no money to spend/ Without taking some life.’ Life refers to money or resources obtained by engaging in criminal activity. In essence, engaging in unlawful acts gives one the means to live. Over time, this engagement leads to complete disrespect for the law and an increase in criminal activity. This is because lawless acts yield more rewards than lawful ones. Crime can become so common that citizens stop reporting criminal activity. This is because they’re aware that nothing will be done about it. Consequently, dangerous individuals roam free while petty crimes go unpunished.

When authorities neglect to enforce the law, disorder sets in. Instead of promoting peace and security, the criminal activity becomes common knowledge. This increases the rewards for criminal acts and creates criminals without any fear of punishment. In addition, some citizens respect criminals because they understand jail time is not an option for them. This makes it harder for authorities to punish criminals and increase public safety. Even when there’s disorder, citizen involvement can help restore law and order in the city.

To do this, government officials must take action against criminal elements. They must crack down on criminals and make arrests without mercy or regard for bribes or threats. If criminals see that officials will not tolerate their actions, they will stop committing crimes. On the same hand, citizens must report criminal activity when they see it happening. The authorities will then be able to arrest dangerous individuals before they cause any real damage. When both sides act responsibly, the disorder can be reversed- but only when officials take action first.

Lawlessness hampers daily life when authorities fail to maintain order. Disorder attracts criminal elements who understand that punishment is unlikely- making arrests harder. However, when government officials act vigorously against lawbreakers, citizens will also cooperate with them. By acting together, residents of any city can have an orderly neighborhood- as long as both government officials and citizens act responsibly toward each other.