Beginning of a Descriptive Paragraph Describing a Place – Examples

The descriptive paragraph describing a place is meaningful description of an event, place, object, or person in a scene. Before go to example of descriptive paragraph describing a place, you could also describe how you first experienced an event, place, object, or person. Take the reader right into the experience so they can feel immersed and involved.

Example Of Descriptive Paragraph Describing A Place

To write a descriptive paragraph that describing a place, introduce the person, place, or thing you want to describe in the first sentence to grab the reader’s attention. Use concise phrases and descriptive adjectives so that the reader can picture everything. A good description of a place helps explain what makes it different from other places and can give a good indication of its location. A description can be divided into two parts: the physical characteristics and the human characteristics.

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How to Descriptive Paragraph Describing A Place :

  • Describe the place using the characters’ senses.
  • Include the time period in the description.
  • Include small changes in time.
  • Show how the characters feel about the place.
  • Describe the setting in a way that is relevant to the story.
  • List adjectives to describe the places in your story.

Descriptive Paragraph Describing A Place where you will find important information about the tourist city of Luxor and its located in the Arab Republic of Egypt and we will learn about the main tourist areas in it and I advise everyone to visit this beautiful city. All this information will be here in a descriptive essay about a place.

Example of a Descriptive Paragraph Describing a Place #1

It is wonderful to be born in a special place, such as a big city with many activities and natural areas like mountains, beaches, rivers and oceans, where there are many sources of income around us. It is great to have such things around us.

I live in the city Egypt. We have many beautiful beaches where the water is clear and turquoise most months of the year, and the sand is yellow and white in many places, and there is a wonderful aesthetic view of the trees just behind the beach and the palm trees.

All this gives the city a great aesthetic shape, but in the evening the whole city is beautiful and there are lights and tourism active everywhere. There are many social areas suitable for families, we like to stay and eat and drink there, me and my family members.

Example of a Descriptive Paragraph Describing a Place #2

There are many beautiful places in Egypt, including archaeological and historical sites, and one of the main tourist cities that attract many tourists from all over the world is Luxor, which we will talk about here in a descriptive essay about a place.

Luxor City
I will tell you about a beautiful city that I visited, the tourist city of Luxor. I will tell you about the main sights that I visited. Luxor city is characterized by its location on the banks of the Nile River, which divides it into two parts, the eastern and the western. The official capital of Luxor province is located in the south of the Arab Republic of Egypt, about 670 km from Cairo and is also called the City of the Sun. The city of Luxor is one of the most important tourist cities, which is a destination for numerous tourists from all over the world, as it hosts many historical monuments, such as:

Temple of Karnak
This temple is characterized by containing many of the temples built by the ancient Egyptians. These temples date back to the god Amon and other gods found at the time, and also feature many sound and light performances that take place every evening. The distance between Luxor and Karnak is estimated to be about 3 kilometers.

Luxor Temple
this temple is one of the main attractions visited by many tourists, as it houses the building of King Ramses II, as well as the obelisk decorated and engraved with all the victories of the king.

Valley of the Kings
This valley is located on the western side of the bank of the Nile. In this valley there are many tombs of the kings of that time, which are characterized by decorations and fine engravings. All these things have made this valley a beautiful tourist attraction that attracts a large number of tourists.