The Familiar Future Gender Equality Essay With Introduction Body And Conclusion Examples

Gender equality is an important issue for many people. Equality can be defined as fairness, justice, or the state of being equal in status or rights. The idea of gender equality has become more popular with time and the advancement of society. This future gender equality essay will explore how gender equality affects the world today and what is being done to promote it. So let’s talk together about The future gender equality essay with an introduction body and conclusion below.

The Future Gender Equality Essay With Introduction Body And Conclusion

As much as I would like to see gender equality become a reality soon, I highly doubt that it will ever come to a possibility. Although many nations claim they are not one-sided by gender, many people still consider themselves superior to the opposite sex, During most of life on earth, women will most likely become inferior to their male counterparts. Such a separation is extremely dangerous and can lead to problematic lifestyles, such as a difficult lifestyle and submissiveness of one gender to the other – The extent of and reasons for the degree of inequality vary from country to country.

In some countries, honor killing occurs when a woman from a family is executed for disgracing her family. In countries like Pakistan and the Middle East, this has become monstrous. In July 2009, two Saudi sisters were murdered by their siblings in the presence of their father on the pretext of defending the family’s honor. Another circumstance of misdeeds involved more than 30,000 women in Guatemala who have been murdered in recent years for cases of misogynistic violence. It is estimated that 130 million girls in Africa and Yemen are genitally mutilated. In India, 5,000 women undergo infanticide each year because of insufficient dowry – money given to the husband by the bride’s family. Such activities are unlawful atrocities against women, and all humanity.

Another major gender equality problem is sex-selective abortion. This fuels the problems of human trafficking, statistical discomfort, and sexual abuse. Since women are considered useless unless they give birth to a male offspring, they suffer the most. India and China, the two most populous countries in the world, both prefer male births to females. Women are considered undervalued and weak in Chinese society, and under the ONE CHILD POLICY, many families hold male offspring more often than female. Moreover, in India, male births are widely supported and welcomed, while those of a woman is considered a burden.

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Numerous governments routinely stifle mainstream society by imposing restrictions on freedom of the press, freedom of expression, and freedom of assembly. These restrictions have an antagonistic effect on the two men and women: nevertheless, women are subjected to a large group of additional gender-specific human rights violations. This legitimate segregation undermines women’s full personalities and their equal participation in public life and creates an expansion opportunity for brutality. In the eyes of the government, women are automatically considered weak and often rejected if they want to report a violation of any kind. This can lead to abuse of the legal system and can resolve any disputes prohibitively expensively. The women’s movement has, rightly, invested years in fighting for legislative changes and the elimination of gender bias in existing laws, but the focus must be on changing the mindset and social factors that prevent women from exercising their rights. The power of the law to overcome these forces should not be overstated.

In this day and age, women are not the only group of people who suffer from human rights violations. The LGBTQ+ community also suffers from the fair share of torture that the government inflicts on them. They are constantly tortured for being themselves, for liking someone of the same gender (due to their deviant behavior), and how they are viewed in the eyes of others. LGBTQ+ people are always denied the decision to claim marriage, have children, or get a regular job position. Countries around the world feel that marrying two individuals of the same sexual orientation is considered demonic or unnatural. This has led to churches and many religions banning them and court systems denying them the right to marry or have children because “marriage is supposed to be between a man and a woman or “God created Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve.”
People in these communities have also been told that their behavior is deviant and not justified in terms of biology or health and told that they will be spoiled in hellfire for their ways. After all, how could they cause a problem by preferring one kind over another?

We have to legitimize, as much as one would love if the world had sexual orientation justice, it is inconceivable because the world favors one of the sexes. In a perfect dream, gender equality would seem like a stage of the route that ends sincerely, However, in reality, we need to remember that regardless of the amount we say that we are equal, despite everything we are isolated by our gender.

The Future Gender Equality Essay With Introduction Body And Conclusion Example:

Introduction – The Future Gender Equality Essay With Introduction Body And Conclusion

Women must gain equality in society with men to establish an ideal structure where both genders work together without bias. But still, many people are unwilling to recognize the fact that gender equality is of utmost importance in the present times.

Today, every country competes with each other to be the best in terms of a strong economy, and for this reason, both men and women make their parallel contributions to the development and the proper use of human and economic resources. We can give examples of women doing research in space and also those involved in national defense which shows that women are in no way different and less than men.

Main Body – The Future Gender Equality Essay With Introduction Body And Conclusion

The biased mentality that pushes them towards the marginalized sections of society is the patriarchal society in most nations of the world. It is very difficult to have a society based on female domination and that is why women have to fight for their rights through various movements. Some of these can be cited here such as feminism and women empowerment which try to bridge the gap of inequality between men and women. But until or unless society does not realize the fact that women are also important for the progress of society, we cannot reduce the high sex ratio and poor rights of women.

Some highly influential women even surpass the abilities of men in many ways which are considered exceptional cases by men. But actually, these women are trying to prove to them that they are no less than men in any respect and understand the importance of their power. Those who are tortured and abused since their childhood and have their minds drilled with the fact that they are less strong than men, do not rebel against this mentality. As time passes without heavy work and regular use of strength, it becomes difficult to compete with men who do heavy work for a long time and thus justify male hegemony over women.

Something must be done to put aside the prejudices that occur against women for a longer period. For, if we do not focus on this serious issue, then soon our world will shrink into a less powerful world, where humans can be oppressed by animals as well. Both sexes should have the equality that brings them closer to a situation of harmony and freedom. Everyone has the right to life and society and social animals should keep these rights safe for each other.

Giving importance to only one gender in society will not help the economy and stability for a long period. There will come a time when women will stop following this set pattern of society and we can catch a glimpse of this wave from various movements against violence against women i.e. feminism and women empowerment along with many others. Some intellectuals of the society should give a fresh start to a society where everyone feels safe and equal and works hard with his or her own will and is not forced by circumstances.

Conclusion – The Future Gender Equality Essay With Introduction Body And Conclusion

The need for gender equality is not a new idea. Women fought and died in the suffrage movement, they were involved in the civil rights revolution of the 1960s, and today women are standing up to be heard on issues such as wage inequality. The time has come for all of us to take this issue seriously; we cannot ignore it anymore. We must address the internalized misogyny in our society by creating an environment where everyone can thrive equally without being discriminated against or harassed because of their sex/gender identity-this means that social norms must change so that men feel safe taking parental leave from work when caring for children too, not just mothers!