List Of Good Conclusion Sentences For Paper and Essays

What are Good concluding sentences?

A good concluding sentence is the last sentence in a stand-alone paragraph or in a paragraph that is part of an essay. The importance of the concluding sentence is that it is the last sentence in the paragraph that the reader will read. Therefore, the concluding sentence must perform several functions. It should signal to the reader that the paragraph has ended. The concluding sentence should also remind the reader of the topic sentence and summarize the main points mentioned in the paragraph.

Good Conclusion Sentences For Essays

Every paragraph has a topic sentence, a supporting sentence, and a concluding sentence. But, what is a concluding sentence? Well, this is a sentence that summarizes all the information that has been presented in the paragraph. It tells the reader that you have come to the close of the paragraph.

This sentence completes the paragraph while restating the main argument or idea. Conclusion sentences are preceded by words and phrases such as “thus”, “therefore”, “result”, “in short”, “hence”, and “to conclude” which are often used to start this sentence.

This sentence summarizes the main argument. It also ties up the paragraph without repeating your topic sentence. The concluding sentence in a paragraph wraps up the entire argument while guiding the reader regarding the information you have provided.

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How to Write a Good Conclusion Sentences

The definition of a good conclusion sentences may vary. However, these sentences must fulfill their purpose effectively. To achieve this, you must learn how to write good concluding sentences. The following is a step-by-step guide on how to write a conclusion sentence.

Start by summarizing the content of the paragraph. Remember that this sentence should not introduce anything new to the paragraph. This sentence should summarize what you have shared with your reader in simple and few words. This sentence should wrap up your main points in a nutshell.

Keep your sentences short
The words of the concluding sentence should be few. However, the length of this sentence should depend on the size of the essay or paragraph. For example, two lines can be enough for a paragraph that has ten lines. In essence, summarize everything without losing its meaning.

Provide closure
In addition to summarizing the paragraph, this sentence should give your reader a solid closure. The importance of a solid closure is less when creating a cliffhanger only. Readers should feel comfortable after reading your paper or essay. They should not be confused by the last sentence. Therefore, make sure that your sentence wraps everything up nicely.

Read the sentence
Learning how to create conclusion sentences is not enough. You must also ensure that this sentence is fit for purpose. Therefore, check your sentence to ensure that it mentions the main points. This sentence should give a summary feel to the paragraph by wrapping up and summarizing all the main points. It should also repeat the thesis statement to enhance understanding. What’s more, this sentence should restate your topic sentence. It should represent all the findings, data, figures, materials, logic, and facts.

When learning how to write a good conclusion sentences, remember that it is the last word on the topic. Thus, it should make the reader feel close or finished. This sentence should be an ending, not a summary. The key points of your writing should be presented in the conclusion of your essay. Also, this sentence should force the reader to focus on a new outlook on the topic. And most importantly, this sentence should end on a positive note.

Here Some Good Conclusion Sentences Example That You Must Refer to:

  • Example 1: In conclusion, cannabis will probably be recognized as a healing tool someday because it has more than recreational value.
  • Example 2: Finally, the widespread abuse of cannabis and its profitability should force lawmakers to decriminalize its use in the US.
  • Example 3: Therefore, cannabis should be available to the general public because of its therapeutic benefits.
  • Example 4: Clearly, there is a significant correlation between health risks and cannabis risks which explains why cannabis should be decriminalized.
  • Example 5: In general, cannabis should be legalized globally because its use is as old as the history of mankind.

Hopefully, you now have a clear picture of what concluding sentences is. The more you read, the more you will be able to understand it. In no time, you will soon be able to start writing your sentences.