Top Summary Critique Essay Examples With Tips For Writing

Summary Critique Essay Example: Writing a summary critical essay example is just like writing a critique essay. Although this one is in the form of a summary. However, although some students struggle when writing this type of essay, there is an easy way to write an essay like this. In this article, you will learn how to write a summary critique essay. So, pay attention as you read this critical essay example article. In addition, some examples of summary critique essays will be given to help reinforce the information provided.

Top Summary Critique Essay Examples

Meaning of Summary Critique Essay Examples

Before looking at some summary critique essay examples, please note. A summary critique essay is a type of critique essay that deals with summarizing one’s points/arguments on a particular topic. Moreover, it is an essay in which a writer puts forward arguments for or against a position in a very brief manner. Moreover, this essay tries to inform and provide evidence for the argument. However, this type of essay should not be confused with a critique essay.

This is because although they have some similarities, they are still very different. Besides, this type of essay is assigned to train students’ debating skills. Therefore, this essay can greatly affect students’ public speaking skills. You should read this 60+ Words To Conclude An Essay 

Critique Essay Outline

Although we will soon see some critical essay examples, please note. Below is an outline of a critical essay:

  • Introduction where you introduce the main message of your paper (thesis statement).
  • Also, the background of the subject. This is where you introduce early studies on children growing up in an adoptive environment. Also, here you can talk about the long-term effects of smoking.
  • In addition, the main argument. And here you talk about the main points of your position.
  • Also, here is where your counter-arguments are. Introduce the opposite side that you need to refute as invalid.
  • And this is where you present all the main arguments and provide solutions or studies that need to be done in the future.

Critical essays are, subjectively speaking, one of the most enjoyable and easy essays to create because they allow you to express your most honest opinion regarding a piece of literature, a work of art, a movie, or a piece of music. Critical essays have high consideration for the perspective of their audience. These essays revolve around the importance of analysis and interpretation of the subject being discussed by placing it in a broader context.

Here are some summary critique essay examples:

Summary Critique Essay Examples 1 – Wealth Inequality

Wealth inequality is not just how much a particular nation has. It is about how wealth is shared within a society. Also, please note. Every society has various factors that make them different.

However, inequality causes several problems. And this is because different aspects of society are made unequal, including views, attitudes, and beliefs. Financial inequality is the extent to which wealth is unequally shared among members of a particular group or society.

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In addition, wealth includes not only a particular individual’s annual salary but also all assets or resources received through employment, investments, state benefits, rents, and/or royalties. In addition, economic inequality can be experienced through salary, wealth, or income.

Income is any payment received through investment, savings, employment, rent, etc., while salary inequality is the difference between salaries received through employment alone.

When there is too much economic inequality, there is a high level of poverty and little opportunity for children to overcome their parents’ efforts. Therefore, it is important to note that the level of economic inequality is not the same in different societies.

Summary Critique Essay Examples 2 – Should Public Workers Be Allowed to Go on Strike?

Say goodbye to ‘workplace stress and welcome ‘freedom to express oneself. Most public workers are denied the right of expression even after being faced with poor working conditions and rights violations. Thus, these violations hamper their morale to perform well in their duties. Therefore, allowing workers to go on strike motivates them to work.

This is because, it encourages them to speak up whenever they feel their rights, safety, and/or regulations have been compromised. As such, countries around the world should always allow public workers to strike.

The Main Purpose Of A Critical Essay

The main purpose of a critical essay is to analyze, interpret, and evaluate a subject. It starts with the writer expressing his claims and validating them by providing citations from primary and secondary sources. Although the word critical or criticize denotes a negative action, criticizing an object or text for a critical essay only means that you are taking the topic in pieces to be able to study its many unique aspects that can only lead to a thorough understanding.